Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Patients Still Wary About EHRs

Everyone from President Obama on down has been publicly preaching the benefits of electronic records. However, a recent survey from Xerox Corp. suggests consumers aren’t exactly enthralled by the move to digital health. Following are key findings from the survey, conducted by Harris Interactive.

The online survey, conducted May 5-9, polled 2,720 adult U.S. citizens on their impressions of the conversion of paper medical records to digital formats. This is the second annual survey from Xerox and conducted by Harris Interactive about EHR perceptions.

Perceptions of Digital Conversion

QUESTION: Which of the following, if any, are true for you in terms of your opinion on converting paper medical records into digital records? (All that apply).

E-records mean better, more efficient care. 42%
I think it's necessary. 37%
I want my medical records to be digital. 28%
It seems like a huge undertaking that will be riddled with problems before it works well. 26%
It frightens me. 12%
It excites me. 9%

Security Tops Concerns

QUESTION: Which of the following, if any, concern you about digital medical records? (All that apply).

Could be stolen by a computer hacker. 65%
My personal information could be misused. 52%
Digital medical records/files could be lost, damaged or corrupted. 52%
A power outage or computer problem could prevent doctors/medical professionals from accessing my information. 52%

Patients Have the Least to Gain

QUESTION: In your opinion, which group has the least to gain from converting paper medical records into digital records?

Patients 23%
Federal government 9%
Health insurance companies 3%
Healthcare Professionals 2%

Few Conversations About EHRs
QUESTION: Has your healthcare provider/institution involved you in converting your paper medical records into digital records (e.g., talked to you about/asked you to sign consent forms to convert your paper records to electronic records)?

No 82%
Yes 18%

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