Thursday, July 28, 2011

Study: EHRs Improve Diabetes Care

HDM Breaking News, June 15, 2011

An analysis of diabetes care in the greater Cleveland region shows 51 percent of diabetic patients treated at facilities with an electronic health record received all needed care, compared with 7 percent treated at paper-based facilities.

"A similar variation was also reported for diabetes patient outcomes--how well patients and their doctors were able to effectively manage their condition," according to a brief of results from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. "For both care and outcomes, patients treated at practices with EHRs far outpaced those in paper practices across all insurance types--whether patients were on Medicare, Medicaid, a commercial plan or uninsured."

About 60 percent of diabetic patients covered under Medicare received all needed treatment in facilities using EHRs. Rates for patients with commercial insurance, Medicaid, or no insurance topped 40 percent.

RWJ Foundation-supported Better Health Greater Cleveland, an organizing promoting improved care quality in the region, conducted the analysis. More information, including the scores for 33 facilities using EHRs and five still on paper, is available here.

- Joseph Goedert

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