Tuesday, January 11, 2011

EHR Certifications Roll Along

HDM Breaking News, December 8, 2010

Several more electronic health records vendors in recent days have received certification of specific versions of their products as supporting meaningful use criteria. They include:

* E*Healthline.com Inc.'s ISIS inpatient system, version 8.0, and Phoenix ambulatory system, version 9.0, both certified as complete EHRs by InfoGard Laboratories;
* NextGen Healthcare's Inpatient Clinicals, version 2.4, as a Complete EHR by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology;

* ACOM Health's RAPID Chiropractic Software, as an EHR Module by CCHIT; and
* digiChart Inc.'s OB-GYN, version 8.0, as a complete EHR by CCHIT.

The official federal government Web site listing of certified EHRs is available at http://onc-chpl.force.com/ehrcert.

--Joseph Goedert

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