Thursday, November 4, 2010

Do You Know How to Effectively Negotiate an EHR Contract?

Negotiating software contracts often takes a backseat to more timely discussions like how to qualify for the HITECH Act. However, it is every bit as important, especially if your EHR vendor guarantees their product will meet certification requirements outlined in the bill. An EHR software license agreement (SLA) will be used to negotiate license costs, service obligations hardware/interface support and more. It deserves considerable attention and is a key step in any provider’s EMR software purchase.

Software Advice recently put together a guide on how to negotiate an EHR contract. In their article, they review five key areas of the SLA: user license, implementation, service obligations, hardware and interfaces, and HITECH Act clauses. To continue reading more from their guide, visit: The Guide to Negotiating an EHR Software License Agreement.

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